Thursday, April 2, 2015

Press Kit

Artist statement:

It is incredible the leaps and bounds technology has made, and continues to make, in regards to the advances in the digital representation of the real world within a computer. It is still awe-inspiring to me that I could construct a film, imagined entirely in my mind for so many months, on an at home, personal computer.

My film is a futuristic, science fiction exploration of old problems experienced by every human being as some point in their life. The tribulations of belonging and accepting differences is very human struggle, which I have explored in my film with automaton characters.


Allison Tokiwa is a denizen of the Lower Mainland, residing on the eastern edges of the fair region. Always inspired by the imaginative worlds of films and video games, Allison has pursued her interest in computer art and technology for many years. This interest culminated in her degree from Emily Carr University, where she graduated from the animation program in 2015. She now looks forward to constructing her own new, imaginative worlds for others to experience.


An old robot, surrounded by workers who are much more nimble and faster than he, attempts to find his place at his new job. He experiences both friendship and struggle as he navigates his way through a wholly unfamiliar task.